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В Россию возвращается старый Lancer

Лансер стал дешевле на 30-50 тыс. руб.

Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback (хэтчбек) - официально

Mitsubishi Lancer - кроссовер!

Mitsubishi Lancer в кузове хэтчбек ожидается в октябре

Mitsubishi Evo X - горячая "десятка"

Lancer лучший автомобиль 2007 года

Форум / Общие темы / Rocket League Season 11: New Arena, Cosmetics & More

Rocket League Season 11: New Arena, Cosmetics & More
Rocket League Season 11 Rocket League Items For sale is just around the corner! Here\'s everything you need to know about the next Rocket League season, including a new arena, new cars and cosmetics and much more!

Rocket League season 11 RL Items for sale ha s finally been revealed! And it\'s gonna be a colorful one. This season is all about having a big, fat party and celebrating everyone\'s favorite sport... SocCar.

With season 11, we\'ll of course get a lot of exciting new content, including a new car, a brand-new arena and many, many delicious new cosmetic items. Here\'s everything you need to know about Rocket League season 11.

Rocket League Season 11: Gorgeous New Arena "Estadio Vida" Unveiled.

Season 11 will introduce a new arena, and the soccer (not SocCar) fan in me is howling in excitement. Estadio Vida is a gorgoues football stadium, inspired by the strong love for the beloved real life sport in South- and Middle America.

Every celebration needs its venue, and Estadio Vida is the perfect place to be merry! This Arena is nestled in the heart of a seaside village famous for its loving fans and gorgeous sunsets.

This is another cause for celebration, and Psyonix is delivering the tunes for this party. The song "N?o Sei Parar" by Bhaskar & Afterclapp, which is featured in the new gameplay trailer, will be available as an in-game Player Anthem.

Of course, the sounds of cheering fans isn’t the only thing echoing through the Arena. Featured in the Season 11 Gameplay Trailer, you’ll be able to get "N?o Sei Parar" by Bhaskar & Afterclapp as an in-game Player Anthem through the Item Shop. Rocket League Radio will also start playing new Monstercat tracks for Season 11 including songs by Brazilian artist Carola, so get ready to groove!

New Car Nissan Silvia in Rocket League Season 11.

With this beautiful, colorful new season of FUN, we\'re also getting a new car: the Nissan Silvia! It looks really cool and like a classic Nascar vehicle. I\'m into it!

This JDM classic\'s S13 chassis is famous for its quickness and fearsome .
agility. In-game, it uses a Hybrid Hitbox that can handle just about anything you throw at it.

New Rocket League Battle Pass Rewards。

There will of course be a brand-new Battle Pass (sorry... Rocket Pass) with tons of new rewards. I am particularly excited about the amazing new Pi?ata-themed wheels.

Rocket League: Still No Unreal Engine 5.

Rumors, leaks, and confirmations that Rocket League will one day use Unreal Engine 5 have been around for what seems like an eternity, but it seems that it won\'t happen with season 11 as well, unfortunately.
Rocket League Items For sale, 2023-10-13 04:29:17

Форум / Общие темы / Rocket League Season 11: New Arena, Cosmetics & More

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